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Equipment Costing 

Equipment Costing


The Equipment module has been designed to track Equipment usage and provides information about services performed on the Equipment. The module includes multiple reports to supply data about the operating costs for any particular piece of Equipment. Equipment Costing interfaces with Payroll, Inventory Control and Accounts Payable.


Equipment usage may be entered directly during time sheet entry in Payroll. From Accounts Payable, purchases may be posted directly to a piece of Equipment. A requisition from Inventory can be charged to a piece of Equipment.


The hourly operating rate of Equipment can be charged out to Jobs which will post as income to the Equipment, resulting in Profit and Loss data for each piece of Equipment.

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Equipment Depreciation


Hardhat's Equipment Depreciation program allows you to expense the Depreciation monthly, accurately and timely using the various GAAP methods. Helps to give you a better picture of your Profit and Loss rather than posting the Depreciation Expense at the end of the year.


Hardhat calculates each piece of equipment for you and eliminates the use of external spreadsheets.


Equipment Maintenance Scheduling


Keep track of when Preventive Maintenance items are due on each piece of Equipment. User-defined items such as Oil and Filter Changes, Tire Rotation, Fuel Filter, etc. Also, entry of special notes for each piece of Equipment (THIS TRUCK IS REALLY DIRTY. PLEASE WASH).


Equipment Rental


Hardhat's Equipment Rental Module is ideal for the renting of Equipment such as Lawn Mowers, Backhoes, Trailers, Welders, Etc. Also allows for Point-of-Sale.

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