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Utilities Industry Requirements 

The Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software offers many solutions to the many obstacles that Utility Companies face everyday.


Job Cost


With Hardhat, you get up-to-the-minute Job Cost. At any moment, you can compare actual against budgeted. Cost codes can be customized to your needs and preferences. Different cost structures can be set up for each job, or can be easily copied from job to job.


Quantity Tracking Software


The Quantity Tracking module allows you to track original quantities, daily production quantities, invoiced quantities, and quantities paid. This module can be extremely helpful when dealing with contractors that pay based on their own estimates of work performed. Tracks Bond Amounts, Tax Amounts, and Retainage. Track Scheduled Value, Current Payment Due, Retainage, Net Change by Change Orders, Contract Sum To Date, Total Completed and Stored To Date, Retainage, Current Payment Due. Produce Progress Billing Invoices.


Service Work Order


Hardhat's Service Work Order Management Module is an easy-to-use, intuitive system designed for use by the contractor with a Service Department. It provides a Dispatch Board and tracks Service Work Orders and Call History by Customer and Site. The various Schedule Board formats assist you in better managing your service load and planning for peak periods, Preventive Maintenance Calls, and Service Technician Scheduling. The system maintains information on Equipment, Contracts, and Service Technicians, and is fully integrated with the Accounts Receivable, Payroll, and Inventory modules. 


Time and Material Billings


The Time and Material Billing Module allows you to bill selected customers for all cost-related items. Accurate and timely billing using the Time and Material Billing module allows you to get paid quicker and increases Profit and Cash Flow. This module allows for a simple and efficient way of tracking and verifying that all billings have been posted. 


Progress Billings


Track Scheduled Value, Current Payment Due, Retainage, Net Change by Change Orders, Contract Sum To Date, Total Completed and Stored To Date, Retainage, Current Payment Due. Produce Progress Billing Invoices, Application for Certificate and Payment and Continuation Sheet, prints Change Order detail. Hardhat can easily create custom formats. 




With Hardhat's Inventory Module, you can track the costs of material sold to a customer or transferred to Jobs. The Inventory Reports show the current value of the Inventory. Interfaces with Point-of-Sale Billing. 


Purchase Orders


Use the Purchase Order module to control over-billing by your vendors. Interfaces with the Inventory Module. Committed Job Cost Report showing the Purchase Order Amounts plus Actual Job-To-Date Amounts.


Subcontractor Status


The Subcontractor Status module helps to control amounts paid to Subcontractors by Job. Ability to track and maintain Contract Amounts, Pending Amounts, Invoiced and Paid, Amounts for Extra and Back Charges. 


A/R Invoice Printing


Many different A/R Invoice formats available or design your own. Professional designs with your company logo. Options to print multiple copies. Invoices can be created in PDF format and can be Emailed.


Certified Payroll Reporting


Hardhat's Certified Payroll Reporting meets all requirements. We continue to keep up-to-date on the different Certified Payroll formats.


Financial Reporting


Design your own Financial Statements. Our easy-to-use Financial Statement designer allows up-to-the-last entry Profit and Loss and Balance Sheets. Create Cash Flow Reports. Supports Divisionalized Profit and Loss.


Equipment Cost Reporting


Profit and Loss Reports can be run for each piece of Equipment. Discover in a timely manner if a piece of Equipment is paying for itself or if it is time to get rid of it. Charge out the operating of Equipment to Job Cost.


Equipment Depreciation


Hardhat's Equipment Depreciation program allows you to expense the Depreciation monthly, accurately and timely.

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