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Job Cost Accounting 

Job Costing is the HEART of the Hardhat Software. A/P, A/R, EQP, and P/R all feed to JOB COST. Hardhat offers user-defined cost codes and phases. How well you control Job Cost determines how well you control Job (and Company) PROFITS. The Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software allows you to easily (and affordably) control Job Cost.

The Job Cost Module is the Heart of the Hardhat software, tracking the status of current jobs and their profitability it compiles data from Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Time and Material Billing, AIA, Service Work Order, Inventory, General Ledger, Equipment post to Job Cost to give you up to date information to make daily decisions.

Job Costing


Complete quantity costing entry, tracking and reporting, for both labor and units.

Comparison of estimate unit price to actual unit price.

Income/Billings tracked for each bid item for cash flow purposes.

Track labor costs: compare labor hours and dollars with estimates.

Import Budgets from third party Estimating Software.

Shows cost of each job for regular, overtime, and double-time hours and dollars.

Complete Change Order control for both contracts and budgets. Allows for tracking of original, change orders, and current budgets.

Cost codes can be customized to your needs and preferences. Different cost structures can be set up for each job or can be easily copied from job to job.

Job Cost Analysis Report to computer Over/Under Billings.

Ability to adjust cost estimates to get proper Over/Under Billings.

Export Job Cost amounts to spreadsheets.

Apply variable payroll overhead rates.

Apply variable equipment rates.

Ability to adjust contract budgets amounts.

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Reporting can be broken down into multiple levels of details. Reports can be accessed to show all detail, summarize by category, by phase, or the complete Job... read more

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