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Job Cost Accounting Software

The Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software offers the most comprehensive, fully integrated, cost-effective, complete Job Cost Management Accounting Software available today. Hardhat has been providing Job Cost Accounting Software to the Construction Industry since 1973.

The Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software has a wide range of users: all construction-related companies including specialty contractors such as road builders, bridge builders, traffic control, electrical, plumbing, excavating, general contractors, HVAC/mechanical contractors, painting/drywall contractors, pool companies, fence companies, interior design, roofing, erosion control, etc.

Having been associated with the construction industry for so long, Hardhat fully understands the need for quick problem resolution. Hardhat continues to lead the Job Cost Accounting industry with its 2-hour problem-response-resolution guarantee.

One of the most critical problems facing contractors in a competitive marketplace is controlling Job Cost. How well you control Job Cost determines how well you control Job (and Company) PROFITS. The Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software allows you easily (and affordably) to control Job Cost.

Key Features of the Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software

Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software has all the applications you need to control Job Cost. There is no duplication of work with Hardhat. Data is entered only one time and it feeds all the way through to the Job Cost, Equipment Cost, General Ledger, and Financial Statements. There are over 1000 reports and inquiry options built into Hardhat.

Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software allows for multiple companies as well as multiple locations and divisions. Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software has True Multi-User Capabilities.

Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software is Flexible. It does your job . . . your way. Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software has its own built-in database/generator system that allows you to define how you want the software to do your job.

Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software allows you to define your own Chart of Accounts, your Jobs, your Phases, your Income and Expense codes, etc. The software also allows you to use the AIA, CSI, or your own numbering scheme.

Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software is Friendly and is a Real-time System.

Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software Meets Standard Accounting Principles.

Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software meets all GAAP (Generally Accepted Account Principles). The software maintains ABSOLUTE detail for an UNLIMITED number of years for Jobs, Equipment, Payroll, General Ledger, etc., thus providing the most extensive audit trails available. In addition Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software allows you to maintain your Transaction Journals (updates) indefinitely. The software also offers extensive levels of security that are user defined.


Reporting can be broken down into multiple levels of details. Reports can be accessed to show all detail, summarize by category, by phase, or the complete job.

Create a database for jobs that have repetitive categories or phases, eliminating the need to re-enter all categories or phases each time a new job begins.

Flexible job phases and category numbering system.

Drill Down ability to source transactions.

Reports showing work-on-hand, projected cost and savings, unit cost and actual vs. budget.

Audit reports of all Job Cost adjustments.

Integration with General Ledger to allow reconciliation to Job Cost Reports.

Projection of remaining contract cost by phase codes.

Budget vs. Actual Reporting by contract phase code.

Unlimited number of phase codes.


Job Cost Reports:

  • Job List

  • Job Detail Inquiry

  • Labor Production Report

  • Job Statement Report

  • Committed Job Cost Analysis

  • Cost to Complete Report

  • Cash Flow Work in Progress

  • Weekly Job Cost Report

  • Job Square Cost Report

  • Drill Down

  • Job Variance Report

  • A/P Checks by Job

  • Contract Analysis Report

  • Subcontractor's Report

  • Job Quantity Report

  • Job Billing Status Report

  • Job Cost Summary Report

  • Job History Report

  • Job Trial Balance

  • Detail Report by Phase

  • Weekly Production Report

  • Job Cost Analysis

  • Job Profit/Loss Statement

  • Cost at Completion Report

  • Job Management Report

  • A/R by Job Aging Report

  • A/P Cash Requirements by Job Report

  • Job Labor Report

  • Job Distribution Report

  • Purchase Order by Job

  • Over/Under Billing Report

  • Income/Expense Code Report

  • Job Fees Report

  • Job Cost Comparisons by Phase

  • Job Status Report

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