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Frequenty Asked Questions

Q: When I search on vendors, my list includes vendors that we no longer do business with. How can I remove them?

A: In A/P Vendor Maintenance, enter one of the vendors and click on Inactive Account and save. Now when you are searching on vendors, the inactive vendors will not be included in the list. In the search screen, you can click on Inactive Accounts to see the vendors that have been marked as inactive.


Q: The Project Manager just informed me that one of our jobs requires Certified Payroll Reports. Can I print the Certified Payroll Reports for previous Payrolls?

A: Yes! In Job Account Setup, check the Print Certified Journals box and change the Number of Job Payrolls. Use the Reload Previous Payroll feature (located in the Payroll menu, Maintenance Tab) to reload the first Payroll. Proceed to Certified Journals. Remember to Start a New Payroll before proceeding to reload the next Payroll.

Q: I entered a cash receipts to the wrong bank. How can I reverse a cash receipt entry?

A: In A/R Cash Receipts, enter the customer number, select the same bank, and enter the date. Click on Include Zero Balances. Enter the check number and enter the amount as a negative. Click on the appropriate invoice(s) and click on Reverse Pay.

Q: I posted an employee's time to the wrong job. I have already updated the Payroll. How can I void the check and re-enter to the correct job?

A: Start a New Payroll first. Then proceed to Prepare P/R Checks For Voiding. You will be able to select the Payroll and select the actual employee and check number. Run the P/R Cross Reference. Proceed to Start a New Payroll. Now go to Payroll Input and enter the employee's time to the correct job. Select manual check and enter the same check number. Make sure the net pay is the same. Proceed to P/R Check Writing and P/R Cross Reference.

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