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Financial Reporting 

Design your own Financial Statements. Our easy-to-use Financial Statement designer allows up-to-the-last entry Profit and Loss and Balance Sheets. Create Cash Flow Reports. Hardhat's Financial Reporting supports Divisionalized Profit and Loss.

Financial Reports can be generated for opened and closed fiscal periods. It has the ability to control posting to previous and future months and years. No need to "Hard close" the previous month.
Design your own Financial Statements. Hardhat's easy-to-use Financial Statement designer allows up-to-last-entry Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet. Design the Cash Flow Reports too.

Print Consolidated Financial Statements showing multiple companies. Comprehensive Audit Trail Reports can be viewed or printed by journal number or in General Ledger account order.
Provides a variety of reports to aid in tracking your financial position, including Detail Transaction, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet.
Allows for separate tracking of multiple companies simultaneously.

Supports Departmental Profit and Loss (Divisionalized accounting).

Bank Reconciliation 

With Hardhat's Bank Reconciliation Module, reconciling Bank Statements is a simple and fast process. After entering your ending balance, you simply select the deposits, withdrawals, bank transfers, and checks from the statement. Balancing a checkbook couldn't be easier! Service Charges and Interest Earned can be entered automatically. The Bank Check Register shows the beginning balance, all activity along with a running balance and ending balance.



Outstanding Check List
All Checks List
Deposits in Transit
All Deposits List

General Ledger 

Create Accounts "on-the-fly", saving time, no need to leave the posting program to add new accounts.

User-definable Chart of Accounts number format, permitting use of your current account format. Or use, Hardhat's standard Chart of Accounts and add, delete, or modify.

Ability to hide any accounts that you are not using anymore.

Recurring Journal Entries.

General Ledger Reports 

1. Chart of Accounts
2. Account Inquiry
3. Trial Balance
4. Profit and Loss - Detail or Summary
5. User Application Log
6. G/L Status Testing
7. Departmental Profit and Loss
8. Variance Report - Detail or Summary
9. General Ledger Transaction - Daily, Monthly, or Yearly
10 Customized Profit and Loss Statements
11.Customized Balance Sheets
12. Customized Comparative and Variance Reports

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