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Hardhat's Payroll Module allows you to charge Payroll to Job Cost including Work Comp, FICA, Federal and State Unemployment. Multi-State, Certified Journals, Prevailing Wage, Union Reporting. Check writing and/or Direct Deposit.

The Payroll Module handles a variety of needs, from simple, small crews to Payrolls with hundreds of employees working on numerous jobs in several unions across multiple states.



Payroll updates automatically to Job Cost, General Ledger, Equipment Costing, and Time and Material Billing.


Full integration with all other modules.


Multiple levels of security.


Many different import file layouts and can integrate with other third-party timecard applications.


Hardhat expenses Payroll overhead (insurance, Worker's Comp, FICA, union benefits, and other burden items) to the jobs.


Hardhat offers flexibility on overhead allocations.

No limits on reporting information. You will be able to access Payroll information for any period and across years.

Ability to control which users can access data at various pay levels, the option to create and assign an unlimited number of

user Ids and passwords, and easy-to-follow audit trails.

Full support of reciprocating localities and states - local tax calculations are completely automated.

Ability to have up 30 Deductions, 10 Union Deductions, 10 Union Fringes, and 7 Tax Deductions (Federal Tax, Social Security,

Medicare, State Tax, Local Tax, County Tax, City Tax).

Tracking of Sick Hours, Vacation Hours, and Holiday Hours.

An employee can work in multi-states in one pay period.

Payroll Input


Time can be automatically imported from the Service Work Order module..." Read More


Check Writing


Payroll Checks with a comprehensive check stub, keeping the employee fully..." Read More



Union Reporting


Unlimited number of Unions, Worker's Compensation Classifications. Complete tracking of fringes and deductions for each employee by Union..." Read More


Certified Payroll


Certified (prevailing wage) entry, tracking and reporting is as simple as setting up the pay rates in your job- the system automatically pays the correct..." Read more


Payroll Tax Reporting


W-2 Forms, Electronic Reporting of W-2 Information and Unemployment Information for all states.
941 and 940 Reporting..." Read More




Full tracking and reporting of Worker's Compensation. Allows for an employee's time to be posted to Jobs with multiple Worker's..." Read More

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