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Payroll Voucher Tips

An Email Address in Employee Maintenance is required in order to get into the payroll website. This can be a personal email, work email, or even just their Employee ID “”. Employees do not have to be able to receive emails to this address. It is nothing more than a login.


Text messages can be sent to employees if a Cell Phone number and Cell Carrier is entered in Employee Maintenance. Phone Numbers and Cell Carriers can also be input directly into the Text Message Window. Below is an example of what we send to our employees and what it looks like on their end (varies by carrier):


















You can also save your text format in the Employee Notes section located at the bottom of Employee Maintenance as a quick reference in case you needed to resend it.













Below is a text format of this information that can be copied and pasted:


Pass: Last 4 of SSN and ID# (****ID#)

Swipe left/right on website to see more pay information.


***Replace red text with the employee's individual Email and Employee ID number from Employee Maintenance.

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