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"In our ever changing world, Hydco, Inc. is doing our part to stay abreast of the rapid changes. Hardhat software plays a significant role in our ability to accomplish that task. We give our clients what they expect and more by incorporating the latest technology available and using that technology to ensure we are always available to meet their needs. I am pleased to say that Hydco, Inc. has been using Hardhat software since February of 1991. Features such as job costing, payroll and the customized reports feature are areas of the software that are highly important to our company. I have recommended Hardhat software to others in the past and will continue to suggest it in the future."
Hydco, Inc.

"A and P Contractors, Inc has been a Hardhat customer since 1989. We have worked with the Hardhat Team for over 20 years! The support is needed usually due to operator error, however any problems experienced are ALWAYS resolved immediately! Hardhat has kept the foundation the same for each accounting departments, which makes learning or training much easier for everyone. There is a variety of reports available. These reports have been a life saver for recent research projects, previous jobs, contract totals, vendors, etc. I could NOT work without it!"
A and P Contractors

"General Interiors has been using the Hardhat program since 1995. Hardhat has always worked with us when we want reports a certain way or when a program is not working the way we would like it to. We are a construction company, dealing mostly in drywall and acoustical ceilings. The job cost accounting is great and reports are easy to read and understand. Thank you Hardhat for being so easy to work with!"
General Interiors


"It is really exciting when I do not have to call Support for several days in a row. Things are going much better and I'm getting systems in place to handle situations as they arise. Hardhat continues to amaze me with the ease in which every package works!"
Fleshman Construction

"Our company began using the Hardhat software in our office in March of this year, and we have been very satisfied. The software offers many features, and is a good value for the price. It was very helpful to have on site training and setup at our office. Support is available any time we call, and they handle all issues promptly and efficiently. This software has made day-to-day operations much easier for us. We are now able to track job cost, keep up with equipment usage, and do payroll in our office. We had previously outsourced these tasks before Hardhat. The software was easy to learn and implement. There are no complicated issues with entering job information, employee time, billing information, or invoices to be paid. This makes the task of day-to-day accounting much easier to do. We are a pleased Hardhat customer and we recommend this software!"
Eubank Construction

"The Hardhat system is flexible and was modified to meet our needs. The support is outstanding, the best that I have ever had. Once you are a customer, they take care of you and treat you like family. They are now developing a new version of the software so to better meet their customers’ needs. Working with Hardhat has been a great experience, and they are a cut above other people who I have encountered over the years. I really enjoy working with them on things as they come up."
McLean County Asphalt

"We have been using Hardhat for all of our accounting needs for many years. Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Service are just some of the modules that we utilize every day. Never once in all the years that we have been using Hardhat has the service team failed us when we have encountered a problem. They are the best of the best in my opinion. I would not hesitate for a second in recommending Hardhat to anyone needing accounting software with a support team that they can depend on to keep their systems up and running."
Morgan and Thornburg

"Environmental Test & Balance is a new comer to the Hardhat program. We have found that one important aspect with Hardhat is that as our business expands Hardhat is able to expand with us by keeping their software current and up to date. Hardhat has been the only software that can customize all our invoicing, billing process, time keeping and much more to make our company run more efficient. The support department is always available to help and the Turbo Meeting access is the best training and learning tool, it’s like having your own personal support team. The Job Cost Accounting Software helps define and control our job cost the way we need. Once you have purchased your Hardhat program you will find it to be user friendly, time efficient and most importantly cost effective. "
Environmental Test & Balance


"The most impressive thing to me about Hardhat is that you get software that does everything for a fraction of the cost of much higher priced software. And it is user friendly! I have worked with software that cost over 1.5 million dollars that is not as powerful as Hardhat. "
Industrial Alloy

"Just a note to say thanks for your work today! I am starting our crews on daily timesheets Monday (we currently have weekly timesheets) and we will be tracking the production quantities starting Tuesday (from Monday's timesheets).

I have been a user of Hardhat since 1987. Hardhat has totally met my needs and I have refused to look at other accounting software systems. You have a good product! Keep up the good work! Look forward to getting familiar with the the Quantity Tracking Software." 

MarCor Construction, Inc.

"Because of the many factors affecting a construction firm, a contractor is accustomed to making decisions. However, making a decision on which quantity tracking computer software to use is of supreme importance and not one to be made without careful consideration. The right system should decrease manpower and provide a simple means of verification one is getting paid for the work performed.

Due to the complexity of construction projects containing numerous items of work, we too often encountered estimates and finals with short pay quantities. Because of our twenty year history with Hardhat Incorporated's accounting and payroll software and their knowledge of the construction industry, we encouraged Hardhat to development an efficient program to track quantities performed that would interface with their existing accounts receivable program.

After many months of program design, Hardhat has fulfilled our needs with their (name of program). We are using this program and are pleased with its performance. We have no doubt that a construction company can easily pay for this program from the accurate tracking of quantities of work performed."

 J.C.Cheek Contractors, Inc.

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