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Accessing Payroll Vouchers

Enterprise customers that have enabled the Payroll Voucher service are able to access payroll check stubs online from any computer or internet enabled device at From this website, employees can securely view, print, or save their vouchers.


Employee Logins are associated with information from Employee Maintenance in Enterprise:

Email: Email address that is in Employee Maintenance. In the example below, this would be


Password: Last 4 digits of the employee’s SSN and the employee’s ID number in Employee Maintenance. The password from the example below would be 555577.


Once logged in, select Check Voucher on the left and you will be able to view the available vouchers. The voucher displays a detailed breakdown of Earnings and Deductions per check just as the check stub would. Desktop Vouchers can be printed or exported to the following formats: PDF, XLS, XLSX, RTF, MHT, HTML, Text, CSV, and Image. Each format allows a variety of Export Options that can be found by selecting the ⚙ symbol to the right of the voucher page.


When accessing vouchers from a mobile device, open the web browser and follow the login instructions from above.

Once logged in, users will see that the data is presented in a mobile-friendly layout rather than print-friendly like the computer. To access more payroll data, swipe your phone screen to the right.

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iPhone 14 FROMAPPLE.COM - chip_a15_hw__dpj1gy8f1sqe_largePR.png
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