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How to Make your Work Space a Little Less Work and a Little More You

Lets get to the point. Cubicles are boring, work is stressful, and coffee is life! Whether you are a person that keeps things very organized or you are the "messy organizer", your work space can always use a little more "you" and a little less "work".

Feng Shui is a great way to keep your work space more organized and relaxed. It is designed to create an environment with a relaxed energy flow by placing items in a certain area. The Bagua map, shown below, is a color guide that helps you with the placement of those items. Each color represents a certain energy. Purple represents abundance, red represents reputation, pink represents love, green represents family, yellow represents health, grey represents creativity, blue represents knowledge, black represents career and success, and white represents travel.

Kristen Harper illustrations

Make it more personal by adding bright,or soft, colors and funky patterns to your work space! Also, you can customize your area with a little décor that fits your style to vamp up that boring mahogany desk. Some small décor may include plants, picture frames, and candles.

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