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Tips on How to Print a General Ledger Using Hardhat Software

To print a general ledger, or (detail Inquiry), you go to general ledger. Click on reports, and then select detail inquiry.

Once you have clicked detail inquiry, you have three options: spreadsheet, inquiry (display to screen), or Report.

Enter the date range you wish to run. And then enter the account range you wish to run. If you are wishing to run a complete ledger you would select the first asset account and then select the last expense account. Depending on your date range and size of your company will determine how long it will take to run a complete detail inquiry. You may opt to do smaller ranges, i.e., do the assets, then the liabilities and equity, then job cost expenses, and admin general expenses separately.

You will have an option to print or display once it is thru spooling.

Select print if you wish to print and display if you wish to display.

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