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How To: Payroll Bonus Checks

This time of year, we get numerous calls from customers asking how to do payroll bonus checks. Below, you will find a guide showing the process in detail.

When entering Bonus Checks, it’s best to start a new payroll that is separate from an actual payroll.

In Distribution Entry, select Special / F7 at the bottom. Enter the amount of the bonus in the allotted box and select Save / F11.

Distribution Entry should show the bonus amount below the Daily Totals. Select Save / F11.

To zero out deductions that do not need to come out of the check, select Deductions / F8 at the bottom of Payroll Input.

Zeroing out Income Taxes in the Taxes tab is optional. However, taking out Social Security and Medicare is mandatory. To the right of the deduction that will be zeroed, enter nines (999999999) until the curser carries into the box below. You will immediately see the Deduction amount to the far right decrease.

To zero deductions such as Employee Loans, Health Insurance, 401(k), Employee Benefits, etc., click the Deductions tab. When finished, click Save / F11 and continue your payroll.

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